A Bend in the Road

A Bend in the Road - Nicholas Sparks

    Sheriff Miles Ryan finally finds out who hit his wife with a car and puts him in jail but they don't have enough proof if he really did it. Meanwhile at home his son Jonah wants to know what is going on and he thinks that his dad is trying to get on the hit and run case of Jonah's mother because his dad was going through the files from the evidence that they had the night of the accident. Miles and his girlfriend Sarah start to fade apart when she finds out about him going on the case again. She tells him she doesn't mind him getting back on the case but i know that in her head she does not want him getting back on the case because she knows that he will be working on the case too much to be around her. So far this has basically described a lot about the characters. Most of them are dynamic and change throughout the story. Some of the characters don't change at all.